Before you splash your cash on brand new server kit, consider refurbished servers instead. Fully tested and configured specific to you needs for a fraction of the cost.

1. Can make great savings compared with purchasing brand new kit.

2. Businesses are constantly upgrading systems every two to four years so some.

3. Refurbished or reconditioned servers can work just like new.

4. Easier and cheaper to fill a data centre.

5. Beneficial for the environment as doesn’t take up landfill space, recycling, sustainability. Good for your company’s carbon footprint.

6. Cost effective and affordable for companies who can then buy kit that would be out of their price band if purchased new.

7. Fully re-configured to your needs.

8. Diagnostics are run against them to make sure they’re working properly before they ship.

9. Reliable, you can upgrade on a budget.

10. Warranty for refurbished servers can be added to match warranty on new servers.

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