1. What is a server?

    What exactly is a server and what can it do for me and my business?

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  2. What should I do with my old IT equipment?

    The answer is simple.

    Sell it to us!

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  3. Do you hoard data because you daren’t delete it?

    At some point every business needs an IT upgrade but do you know how to safely dispose of your data?

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  4. The benefits of a workstation

    In today’s economy every office needs a desktop PC or a workstation: Fact.

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  5. What is a refurbished product?

    Many people think refurbished means something has been bought, unboxed and used already. This is not always the case a refurbished server may, for instance, have been pre-owned but might not have been used for any significant amount of time.


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  6. Three Tips on Preventing USB Insecurity in Your Organisation

    Once a mere novelty peripheral, USB storage devices are about as common now as the mouse and keyboard. Portable devices have increasingly become a staple of the corporate environment, whether an organisation provides them for workers or not.

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  7. Get Tough on Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

    Getting a Handle on Change

    In the new compliance regime, making sure that their IT infrastructure operates in a secure manner while adhering to known regulatory requirements, industry best practices and internal policies should be a top priority for organisations these days.

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