Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021

What is Earth day?

Earth day is celebrated on 22nd of April each year. It is an annual event which is dedicated to raising awareness about the environmental challenges that face the Earth. It forms a part of Earth week which is a weeklong period full of activities and campaigns.

History of Earth day

It is thought that the original idea of Earth day started in 1969 during the Santa Barbara oil spill. American senator Gaylord Nelson flew over the disaster in an airplane and was incredibly shocked by the scale of the event that he decided to create a Day to help prevent future cases.

The first Earth day was held in 1970 and saw millions of people around the world taking to the streets with the desire to make a stand for environmental change. This is seen as the start of modern day environmental activism.

Since then, more and more people have joined the cause and celebrate Earth day each year. One of the biggest achievements was in 2016 when the Paris Agreement came into force, ensuring increased environmental protection for the majority of countries across the world.

Celebrating Earth day

We are having a hugely negative impact on the environment by the way we purchase and use products in our daily lives. Businesses are also responsible for a huge amount of harm to the planet.

As a company who are passionate about the environment and reducing the impact we have, we are celebrating Earth day by giving you tips on how you can help the planet.

Reduce your carbon footprint

This is a simple one and one that is easy to forget! We should make sure lights are turned off in rooms we are not in and try to walk or cycle rather than use cars when we can. It’s making little changes like this that can have a big impact.


This is often the first thing people think to do when wanting to help protect the environment. From household goods to packaging, we should try and recycle as much as we can. When it comes to our electricals, this can be more difficult, as most people are unsure where they can dispose of goods like these. There are companies who buy used electricals so that they can be refurbished and resold. This is the ideal thing to do as it not only reduces waste going to landfill, it allows goods to be reused too.


This is possibly the most important thing you can do. Whether it is clothing, or books, or electricals, we should use our products as much as we can before we throw them away. We live in a society where we find it easy to throw things away unnecessarily. For example, buying a brand-new phone when our own is absolutely fine, it’s just a little but out of date. And when we do decide we need something ‘new’, why not buy refurbished goods? They are treated to be just as good as new but cost a lot less. Furthermore, by reusing goods where we can, we will be reducing the need for new products to be manufactured. This reduces the amount of raw materials that are extracted from the Earth.


The first thing we really need to do is change our attitude towards buying and throwing away goods. Once we do this, products will be around for longer reducing the need to manufacture more new ones. If we all do a little bit towards helping the environment, it could have a huge impact.