How to Extend the Life of Your PC

How to Extend the Life of Your PC

One of the many reasons why businesses dispose of their old IT equipment, such as PCs, is because they may be running slower than they used to. One option would be to buy new equipment, but this is not good for the company’s budget and it is not very environmentally friendly.

With the need for resources taking its toll on the environment, we need to be working towards a circular economy to keep our existing products in use and retain their value so that the need for new products reduces, which in turn reduces the amount of carbon emission being released when raw materials are being extracted from the Earth.

One way to do this is to give your existing PC some TLC, helping it to run faster and last longer. Here are some steps you can take to move your upgrade date further into the future.


Upgrade your memory

If your current PC is slow and unable to run up-to-date operating systems, upgrading your memory could be a good idea. Doing so will improve the overall speed and efficiency of your computer, from making the start-up time faster, to optimising the speed of the operating system, to making the use of apps and games quicker. And don’t worry, all your files are saved on your computer’s hard drive, so you won’t lose anything by replacing your memory. It is very easy to buy new memory, especially from companies like us at Servers and Spares, who can provide next day delivery.


Replace the hard drive

The hard drive on your computer is where all the data is stored. These often wear over time, so replacing and upgrading them can help prolong the life of your PC by creating more storage space and helping things run faster. It can be difficult to know which hard drive you require, so speaking to an expert could help. Servers and Spares sell a large variety of hard drives and our sales team can provide advice to our customers to ensure you choose the right hard drive for your needs.


By replacing a couple of components in your computer and keeping your computer clean (internally and externally), you will be able to prolong its life by adding more space and making it run faster, reducing the need for buying new.


Here at Servers and Spares, we sell refurbished IT components such as memory and hard drives to help you prolong the life of your IT equipment. Our expert sales team have extensive product knowledge so will be able to help you choose the component that is right for you. Give us a call on 01423 206640 to find out how we can help you to extend the life of your IT equipment.