Myths Surrounding Buying Used IT Equipment

Myths Surrounding Buying Used IT Equipment

There are a lot of negative perceptions associated with buying used IT equipment, which often stops people from purchasing. A lot of people would rather spend a larger amount of money on a brand-new piece of IT equipment than less money on a slightly older model that has the same specifications. It makes sense that people are wary of purchasing the same equipment for less money. However, we are here to show you that buying refurbished IT equipment is not only good for your bank balance, it has many other benefits too.


Myth 1 – Refurbished IT equipment only exists because it previously did not work

There are loads of reasons as to why people get rid of their IT equipment. Yes, the device may at one point have stopped working, but it also could have just been replaced for an upgrade, or simply no longer used by the consumer. For whatever reason a device is sent for refurbishment, it is put through a process aimed at restoring it to its prime state before being put on sale as a refurbished product to a new customer.


Myth 2 – Cheaper = low quality product

Wrong. Yes, buying used equipment costs the customer less, but that is because no money is spent on extracting raw materials from the Earth to make the materials for a new product. When the product already exists, the only money is spent on refurbishing it to ensure it is a great quality for the customer. When we refurbish IT equipment, all products are fully tested before they are sent out to customers, resulting in high quality items. At Servers and Spares, we can offer you a high-quality product at a low price.


Myth 3 – Refurbished IT equipment must be old and out of date

Yes, brand new technological devices may be top spec, but how long does this ‘top spec’ last? It changes so frequently that it would not be realistic to change your devices every time a new spec was released. Buying from brand new may allow you to afford one configuration, but because refurbished equipment is cheaper, you could possibly afford a better specification, which is not only beneficial as it is more up—to-date, but it also means you may not have to perform further upgrades in the near future.


Myth 4 – Guarantees are only available from manufacturers

You would receive a guarantee if you were to buy a refurbished item directly from manufacturers. However, there are plenty of other companies out there that buy IT equipment from customers and refurbish them to sell on for a lower price than manufacturers, who also provide guarantees. Here at Servers and Spares, we offer an in-house warranty dependent on the product, along with a manufacturer warranty where applicable, giving our customers complete peace of mind!


In conclusion, that should clear up the misconceptions and show you that buying refurbished IT equipment allows you to purchase high quality and top spec products for a fraction of the price of brand-new ones, with a guarantee. Furthermore, it also has environmental benefits. From reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, to reducing the amount of carbon emissions being emitted, by buying refurbished IT equipment, you are contributing to a greener environment and a circular economy.