What is a refurbished product?

What is a refurbished product?

Many people think refurbished means something has been bought, unboxed and used already. This is not always the case a refurbished server may, for instance, have been pre-owned but might not have been used for any significant amount of time.

A refurbished item is one that has been returned for whatever reason after being purchased. It could be that a part has arrived with a technical fault, with damage to its exterior or in less-than-perfect packaging.

A simple change of mind turns a perfectly sellable item into a ‘refurb’. A server could have been bought, delivered and then returned without even being powered up. It still must be classed as refurbished when it comes to selling it on.

In saying that refurbished can also mean a product that has been used and recycled when a company or individual decides to upgrade. Whatever the reason, any item that is sold as refurbished is checked over thoroughly and any defects are repaired.


Why choose refurbished products?

Whether you are a company or an individual looking to upgrade, there’s one very good reason to buy refurbished IT kit. You could get an awful lot more for your money. 

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Top tips before you part with your cash

Check the warranty on offer - Servers and Spares operates a minimum 6-month return to base warranty on all branded, co-branded and other manufactured parts. All special-order parts that have been purchased in specifically at a customer request carry a minimum 30-day warranty unless otherwise specified

Buy from brands you trust  - Servers and Spares, owned by Advanced Digital Dynamics Ltd, is a leading independent supplier of computer hardware and software with a powerful track record in delivering solutions for businesses, ranging from refurbished and new spare parts and servers to data destruction. Established in 1997 and trading for over 20 years, we are well established within the industry and have a reputation for trading ethically that is second to none.