Buy a refurbished server at Servers and Spares today

Buying refurbished is a great way to save money to get the most tech for your budget.

All businesses will reach the point where you need to renew or upgrade your server or networking equipment. But should you buy new or refurbished?

If you buy new you know you are the first users of your new kit. It has no wear & tear and a full manufacturer’s warranty. However, it means you might need to work out new configurations because you haven’t used this model before, and it may still be in the bug testing phase by the manufacturer and you become the guinea pig. New can also be very expensive and too much tech for what you need it to do for your business.

With ever shrinking IT budgets, cost conscious companies are looking to get the best ROI possible.

Buying refurbished servers and IT equipment:

You can save £££’s

Buying refurbished equipment can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds. At Servers and Spares we have for sale, servers and parts at hugely discounted prices against new.

More “bang for your buck”

Even if only looking to buy an entry level server, you will need to plan around £1000 if buying new.

Buying refurbished means, you can get more hardware for your money, which could allow for scalability as you grow, instead of having to replace the server in a few months-time.

Refurbished doesn’t mean old


Refurbished servers are used servers that have been reconditioned, refurbished or recertified by IT professionals who are trained in how to completely overhaul electronic components.

Sometimes – refurbished means nothing more than a new product where the packaging might have been opened or replaced, goods from short term rentals or projects that have been cancelled.

Comparable warranty cover

For example - If you’re buying a HP server part for installation in your HP server, most options will assume the remainder of the warranty cover still on that server in which they are installed. So, you might purchase some extra memory which might have just 30 days warranty and install it in a server with 2 years left on the manufacturer warranty and this RAM is then covered by the server warranty.

Pre-Sale testing

We have been supplying refurbished servers for over 20 years. Our own in-house engineers, refurbish all our servers using a rigorous refurbishment process that includes thorough performance and component checking and testing as well as cleaning to ensure it is ready for a customer to purchase.

If you think you might be interested in buying refurbished, and to discuss finding ways to do more with less, give us a call on 01423206640