Hyundai H2 1TB External HDD USB3 Pink Flamingo

Hyundai H2 1TB External HDD USB3 Pink Flamingo
Condition: New Retail
Form Factor: LFF - Large Form Factor - 3.5"
Size: 1TB
Caddy: Not mounted in caddy
Manufacturer: Hyundai
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New Retail
£55.20 £46.00
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The Hyundai H21000PINK 1TB External Hard Disk Drive offers great storage solutions for those who need to access their data on the go. The exterior case is sleek, glossy and slim-line so it looks good as well as being user friendly; delivering more than enough speed and storage for all your projects, pictures, videos and more. The light indicator glows blue when connected to USB 3 or white when connected to USB 2, so you know at a glance which port your device is connected to when you’re using multiple connections. The H2 series also comes complete with a free 30 day Symantec trial, protecting data against any threat.
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