Why buying Refurbished servers is beneficial to you and your business

Buying refurbished servers is all about selecting the right supplier who you can trust and stands behind their products. The last thing you want is to save money buying a server and then must replace it in three months because the original failed.

Refurbished Servers

Refurbished servers are used servers that have been reconditioned, refurbished or recertified by IT professionals who are trained in how to completely overhaul electronic components.

We have been supplying refurbished servers for over 20 years. Our own in-house engineers, who are NPPV certified, refurbish using a rigorous refurbishment process that includes thorough performance and component checking and testing as well as cleaning to ensure it is ready for a customer to purchase,

Our refurbished servers come with our own warranty or the remainder of the manufacturer warranty if applicable, delivering excellent quality and reliability at a substantially reduced cost compared to new.

Prices are typically 15% - 20% lower than the price of new products but sometimes the saving can be as much as 50%.

Cost conscious companies are finding this saving harder and harder to overlook, especially given that for many refurbished products the warranty cover is comparable to new products.

Sometimes – refurbished means nothing more than a new product where the packaging might have been opened or replaced.

Many companies have policies in place that everyone must use the same equipment with the same specifications, but when you need to replace a broken device or add new employees it can be difficult to find the exact same models depending on how old your equipment is. It can then be easier to add or replace the same model using refurbished equipment at a much lower price than if you had to find the same server or workstation that could still be supplied as new.

There’s an old tech saying, ‘never buy anything in BETA’

The reason is simple; the manufacturer hasn’t had time to test the product in the real world yet and identify any problems, so by purchasing refurbished servers you can be sure that you have a more stable version that has been tested in the field and all bugs eliminated.

Our team works with used IT equipment daily and we apply a refurbishment process that is robust and means we have less than a 0.2% return rate for faults

Take a look at some of our Refurbished Servers and feel free to give us a call with any questions – 01423206640