HP P2000 G3 SFF MSA Chassis 12x 1.2TB 6G 10K SAS + 3Year 24x7 Care Pack (EU only)

HP P2000 G3 SFF MSA Chassis 12x 1.2TB 6G 10K SAS + 3Year 24x7 Care Pack (EU only)
Condition: Refurbished
Storage: 14.4 TB 10K SAS - 12x 1.2TB 6G 10K SAS HDD included
Manufacturer: HP
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HPE MSA P2000 G3 Modular Smart Array Systems

HPE's MSA P2000 Family of storage arrays features P2000 G3 arrays with the latest 8 GB Fibre Channel, 6 GB SAS, 10GbE iSCSI connected models, and an iSCSI model with four 1 GB iSCSI ports per controller. The arrays are designed for entry-level customers and feature the latest in functionality and host-connect technology while offering excellent price/performance. They are ideal for companies with small budgets or limited IT expertise, and also larger companies with departmental or remote requirements. Each solution is designed to be easy to deploy, to be secure, along with low management costs, while driving rapid return on investment through efficient storage consolidation.

The MSA P2000 G3 arrays are 2U storage area network (SAN) or direct connect solutions (OS and protocol dependent) offering a choice of five controllers - two FC, one SAS, one 10GbE iSCSI and the newest model features a four port 1 GB iSCSI. The first Fibre Channel controller is a high-performance, 8 GB dual port model. The second offering is a unique dual-purpose Combo controller with two 8 GB Fibre Channel ports with the addition of two 1GbE iSCSI ports. The third controller choice is 6Gb SAS with four ports per controller. There is also the addition of a two port 10 GB iSCSI, while the latest controller introduction features four 1 GB iSCSI ports per controller. Whatever the situation calls for, the P2000 G3 line-up has the right solution.

The dual-protocol MSA P2000 G3 MSA FC/iSCSI Combo Controller gives exceptional flexibility. The 8 GB FC ports support a full FC SAN while the two 1GbE iSCSI ports can serve two purposes. With this combination you can economically share the array storage resource with a smaller department accessing it over iSCSI or enable the new optional Remote Snap functionality over iSCSI protocol (also available over FC).

The MSA P2000 G3 SAS is the follow-on product to the MSA2000sa G2, adding the latest 6 GB SAS technology to the four host ports per controller. The P2000 G3 SAS array is designed for directly attaching up to four dual-path or eight single path rack servers. SAS array support for BladeSystems utilizes the HPE 6 GB SAS BL Switch.

The MSA P2000 G3 10GbE iSCSI brings the very latest in high-performance host connection with technology generally found only in higher priced arrays. The bandwidth it provides in conjunction with server consolidation is highly advantageous in shared storage configurations. Array connection to 10GbE switches that are in turn connected to 1GbE NICs is commonplace. Directly attached server support requires the server units to have 10GbE NICs.

Rounding out the controller choices is the MSA P2000 G3 iSCSI controller featuring four 1Gb iSCSI Ethernet ports, double the number of the G2 model. This allows an array that keeps the price of the components, particularly the interconnection, low while markedly increasing the performance capabilities.

All MSA P2000 G3 models can be equipped with single or dual controllers, feature the same scalability, and offer 6 GB SAS backend transmission speed to drives and JBODs. Significant data protection advances are delivered by the all P2000 G3 arrays. All G3 units come STANDARD with sixty-four snapshot capability at no extra cost and there is an option for the G3 series of five hundred and twelve snapshots. Volume Copy (clone) also comes standard. In a further move to protect the user's data, optional Remote Snap (replication) capability is offered on the FC, FC/iSCSI, and both iSCSI versions.

All MSA P2000 G3 models support hot plug replacement of redundant controllers, fans, power supplies, and I/O modules. Hot add of expansion enclosures is also supported.

The controller-less MSA P2000 chassis is offered in two models - one comes standard with twelve Large Form Factor (LFF) 3.5- inch drive bays, the other can accommodate twenty-four Small Form Factor (SFF) 2.5-inch drives. Both are able to simultaneously support enterprise-class SAS drives, SAS Midline, and archival-class SATA Midline drives. Either chassis can have one or two matching P2000 G3 controllers (same protocol) and are available with AC or DC power Supplies.

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise modular approach to entry level SAN solutions enables incremental customer purchases, allowing the array to grow as needs grow, thus allowing a maximum return on investment. Choose a single controller unit for low initial cost with the ability to upgrade later; or decide on a model with dual controllers for the most demanding entry-level situations. There are no unexpected additional charges, licenses or fees as you add enclosures or hosts and users.

Capacity can easily be added as the need develops by attaching additional drive enclosures. Maximum capacity ranges with LFF drives up to 57.6 TB SAS, 576 TB SAS Midline or 192 TB SATA Midline with the addition of the maximum number of drive enclosures. Configurations utilizing the SFF drive chassis and the maximum number of drive enclosures can grow to 178 TB of SAS, 149 TB of SAS Midline or 74.5 TB SATA Midline with a total of 96 LFF or 149 SFF drives. The P2000 G3 Arrays do not support SSD's.

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